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Colonel Richard Bagot hys Regiment of Foot
Raising the Standard of Re-Enactment


How much does it cost to join?

The Sealed Knot membership prices for 2009 are listed below:





Young Person (18 - 24)


Single Parent Family


If you are interested in joining our regiment or wish to hire us for an event please email our Commanding Officer, Graham Cooley.

Members supply their own clothes and much of their own kit and equipment, but Bagotís Regiment will do everything possible to help new members, by lending kit or guiding members to reliable suppliers. We can even help you by showing you how to make some of your own clothing, such as shirts or shifts and socks or stockings.

The basic requirements for clothing would be for a shirt or shift (a long petticoat-like garment worn by women as underwear), a doublet or bodice, breeches or skirt(s), hose (stockings or long socks), shoes and headwear, which was normally worn by everyone in the period. We find that many people build up their dress and equipment during the relatively quiet period of the winter, when several tradersí markets provide opportunities to buy items of all sorts and types, and when regimental meetings allow us to learn new skills or pass them on, one to another.